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Managing Your Social Life via Apps

So you have your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace.

Do you check them all every day?Managing Your Social Life via Apps

Are there some sites you end up neglecting?

With the help of social aggregators, you can manage your social life more effectively.

The following aggregators have been designed to do just that:
• Atomkeep: designed to sync all your profile information among multiple social networks.
• Digsby: involves instant messaging, e-mail, and social networks. It integrates social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn with a newsfeed and alerts.
• FriendBinder: Works by adding all your social networks on your FriendBinder profile and all updates appear. You can also update your Twitter and Facebook statuses as well.
• FriendFeed: From Netflix to Twitter, this social network site allows you to receive updates from a large number of sites, and also lets you subscribe to other users’ feeds.
The verdict according to CNET? FriendFeed and FriendBinder are the top two social aggregate picks.

The overall concept is great, manage all your social profiles in one spot, communicate better, etc.

However is it too much? Are social networking aggregators too overwhelming?

Some say yes, others swear by them.

Worst case, manually manage your social profiles, however now there are alternative solutions.