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Freeing Science: Obama Undoes Bush…

clones2What do you get when you combine science, politics, and religion?

President Obama’s latest administrative decision, of course!

The president has signed an executive order that will end former President Bush’s embryonic stem cell research restrictions.

According to the R&D Daily, this motion has advisors hopeful that “science-not political ideology-will guide the administration.”

• Since 2001, stem cell lines have thrived with only a minimal amount of your tax dollars.
• Lifting the restrictions means that scientists can now apply for government money to further their research.
• This advance will allow for research aimed towards treating (and hopefully curing) ailments like diabetes and paralysis.

I, for one, am personally excited about human cloning (kidding).

President Obama directly addresses the human cloning concern by stating that the new stem cell policy has been created so this door is never opened. He says that cloning is “dangerous, profoundly wrong, and has no place in our society.”

“[It is about ensuring] that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.” Point being that science once again matters in issues concerning human life:

• Promoting science by letting scientists and researchers do their jobs (novel)
• AND Professor Granger Morgan discusses how “science should provide the facts that politicians use for their decisions.”

There will always be dissenting opinions about conducting stem cell research, no matter who the president is.

But the fact that so many scientists and researchers are ecstatic makes ME ecstatic; from research, comes innovation and new advances.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what science is all about.

From Idea to Impact…man that sounds familiar.

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