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Advertising Gone Mobile: Get in the know, while you’re on the go

cell-ads1Advertising Gone Mobile: Get in the know, while you’re on the go

Businesses know that the hottest and most innovative way to reach you (the consumer) is that handy cellular device that you probably have on your person as you read this, my latest and greatest blog.
The “cell phone audience” is that rather small minority of us who have our cell phones with us at all times.
As a result, ad agencies are aiming more and more of their products toward this cultural tech boom audience.
Companies like YuMe that are based around broadband video promotion are now looking into mobile advertising as their new “cool factor”:
· Co-founder and president Jayant Kadambi discusses how mobile advertising makes consumers “feel cutting edge.”
· 1Cast Inc., a company that brings broadcast and cable news to you via a mobile platform, will soon be announcing its partnership with YuMe.
And by golly, yee-haw! This movement is now being called the Wild West market, because opportunities for innovation and global collaboration are aplenty.
William-Arthur Haynes of the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reports that “one of the biggest selling points for marketers [today] is the ability to target consumers with location-based ads and promotions.”
The only spur in this Wild West market is the privacy issue.
Soliciting has always been a big dilemma among marketers, and the fact of the matter is that no one wants their personal space invaded by annoying ads.
Derek Kerton, principal analyst at The Kerton Group, recognizes this: “When ads are done the right way, they’re being either tolerated or encouraged.”

As of right now, no one is sure what direction mobile advertising will take. The opportunities, however, are staggering.

Get ready for a wild ride on the cellular grid!